Best way for company advertisement. Our balloons are made of light, durable polyesters in several standard sizes. We provide overprint with various degree of complexity. It is also possible to order balloons from Aviotex, with various shapes and sizes, according to clients wish.


Advertising tents, banners and balloons are not merely information carriers for companies or products, but also efficient and relatively cheap way of developing brand image. Other advantages of this external form of advertisement are: wide range of recipients, long-term effectiveness (thanks to frequent exposure to advertising message) and possibility of selecting such a marketing communication mode which best fits our business needs. Advertising tents are one of the best media.


The gates are made of strong PVC textile of high basic weight. We provide the possibility to adjust the size to the clients needs. We can apply print or digital print on each structural element.


Pneumatic product mockups are exceptionally spectacular and efficient as advertisement carriers. The spatial form of exposure guarantees the reinforcement of brand image on the market and can astonish with its perfect reflection of actual product, drawing every viewers attention.


Pneumatic (advertising) poles are modern, fast folding advertisement item which may be used outside and inside the building.

VR services

We are the sole representative for Poland of the Dutch company designing VR applications and 360 films.